The Life and Times of John of Gaunt

Love, Honour and Royal Blood Trilogy Order Options

Some readers may wonder why the author has chosen to publish Love, Honour and Royal Blood in this less traditional way. The reason is very simple. Having spent 30 years researching the lives of John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford I did not want an editor changing things to conform with known rules of what sells a novel. Having spoken to several published authors (many of them famous) I discovered that none of them ever recognized the manuscript they wrote as the book that was eventually sold to the reader.

I did not change a fact to conform with what I expected (or wanted) to happen. I wrote the story that I found in the minute detail of the record books and documents.

I believe my readers will be interested enough in the lives of John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford (and their friend John Wycliffe, as well as family members Geoffrey Chaucer, Richard II and Henry IV) that they will want to know what 30 years of research unearthed, not what an editor thinks I should have found.

There are three Options for purchasing Love, Honour and Royal Blood, (Book Two): John of Gaunt.

Love, Honour and Royal Blood Trilogy Direct From Publisher

You can purchase directly from the publisher, which is best for the author from a financial point of view.

To utilize this option, go to our order page and click on the “buy from Dog Ear” button for either the paperback or hardcover editions.  This button will redirect you to the publisher, Dog Ear Publishing based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

On the Dog Ear website your order will be processed, and shipped within 24 hours.  Your invoice (priced in U. S. dollars) will clearly indicate the shipping costs, and give you a choice of shipping methods from which to choose.

Love, Honour and Royal Blood Trilogy Purchased From Online Book Sellers

You can use an online book seller such as (where you will find the book priced in British pounds at £17 for soft cover, and £27 for hard cover); (priced in Canadian $); (priced in US $) or (priced in Australian $).

If you are using an online book seller you will need to order by title (Love, Honour and Royal Blood).  If you try to order spelling Katherine Swynford with an “e”, rather than the “a” I have used in the title, Love Honour and Royal Blood will not show up on the list.  So far Amazon has not yet corrected their search process so that you can find the book with my spelling of her name.  As an aside, you may be interested to know that in contemporary documents Katherine Swynford had her name spelled many different ways; every scribe used whatever spelling looked and sounded right to him.  Spelling was not standardized during the 14th century in which John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford lived.

To utilize this option, search the web for the bookstore of your choice (e.g. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or The Nile). Some links for these web sites are provided below. Just click on the link of your choice. Once you arrive search for Love, Honour and Royal Blood.

Love, Honour and Royal Blood Trilogy Special Order From Book Store

You can contact your local bookstore and ask them to order the book in for you.

You will need to know the following information:

Author:Carol Sargeant (note unique spelling of last name)

Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing
Distributor:Ingram Books
Book 1 Title:Love, Honour and Royal Blood Book One: Katharine Swynford (note unique spelling of Katharine’s name with an ‘a’ and not an ‘e’ in the second syllable)
Soft Cover ISBN is9 781608 441624
Hard Cover ISBN is9 781608 441822
Book 2 Title:Love, Honour and Royal Blood Book Two: John of Gaunt
Soft Cover ISBN is9 781608 446865
Hard Cover ISBN is9 781608 446872
Book 3 Title:Love, Honour and Royal Blood Book Three:  Rose Red, Royal Blue Lancaster
Soft Cover ISBN is9 781457507632
Hard Cover ISBN is9 781457507656

Print this option’s information on this page and take it to your local bookstore. They will be glad to order in the book for you.

In the UK bookstores and gift shops can order from:

  • Lightning Source UK
  • Ingram Books UK
  • IBS (which is Ingram Books Services)
  • Mallory International
  • Gardners Books