The Life and Times of John of Gaunt

What People are Saying:

Loved learning of my grandfather’s character of so many years ago. This book is so informative about him as a man and how he helped others with his money and wisdom as a leader.


I truly enjoyed this book. A warning to prospective readers: Once you pick this book up you won’t want to put it down.

It is very well written and takes you through intrigue after intrigue in the historical setting of 14th century England – a time when King and Church still held positions of power and a time when a group of scholars at Oxford, led by John Wycliffe dared to question the self appointed role that priests and Church held as mandatory intermediaries between the individual and God. And, also, a time when the church persecuted such free thinkers for their beliefs under the charge of heresy.

The author has done a masterful job of bringing history alive through her dedicated research. Although one always has to remind oneself that this is a novel, there is more than sufficient historical foundation to provide the reader a solid glimpse into life as it really was in medieval England. Would that our history courses had been so interesting!


If you are at all interested in the medieval time period, then you will love this book about John of Gaunt, Richard II and the history of that period. Well written and an interesting read. Anya Seton’s Katherine lovers will love this book. If you couldn’t get enough of her, then Book 1 and 2 will satisfy your craving.